Shari Davidson LMP
Services and Rates
5 one hour massages for $ 275.00 a $50.00 savings
3 one hour massages for 165.00 a $30.00 savings
  Seniors 65 or older & Military recieve a $10.00 discount on all services
  Gift Certificates  Available for any service

Theraputic Massage 
Massage to treat issues perscribed by your health care provider
$90.00 an hour 
Relaxation or Deep Tissue
 A massage adapted to meet your needs.
30 mins  $ 40.00
60 mins  $ 65.00
90 mins  $ 85.00
 Hot Rock Massage
Heated stones melt away pain or tension. Perfect for clients that don't like deep work.
 60 mins  $ 85.00
90 mins  $ 100.00
 Pregnancy Massage
A relaxing massage to ease stress and discomfort from your body. Using Pillows for comfortable positioning.
 60 mins  $ 65.00 
 Australian Biege Clay Wrap
Used to detoxify the body,absorbing and removing impurities. Provides a toned refreshed and youthful glow.
 60 min body wrap  $ 70.00 add a hour massage $ 125.00
Australian Olive Green Clay Wrap
Strongest of all clays for detoxification.Minerals in the clay help to rebalance oil flow,strengthen skin & add in the repair of scars. 60 min body wrap $ 70.00 add a hour massage
 $ 125.00

French Pink Clay
Cleanses & detoxifies the skin creating an overall refreshed apperance. 60 min body wrap $ 70.00 add a hour massage
$ 125.00
Seaweed/Clay Body Wrap
 Stimulates circulation, hydrates detoxifies and improves skin's elasticity. 60 min body wrap $70.00 add a hour massage $ 125.00
Aloe Vera Wrap
Improves skin tone, eases skin irritation, is an immune booster and helps treat sun-damabed skin. 60 min body wrap $70.00 add a hour massage $125.00
Spa Massage
 A relaxing treatment Body Wrap, Face Treat, a Foot soak/scrub and a Full Body Massage.
120 mins  $ 170.00
Feet Aid
Enjoy a relaxing warm foot soak in aromatic water topped with a revitilizing foot scrub and foot massage  30 min $35.00
 Face Treat
Warms towels, cleansing, gentle exfoliation, a mask & toner for your skin type with afacial massage. 30 min $35.00